A Few Words About Us

Established in 2004, Afghan Management and Marketing Consultants (AMMC) will celebrate its 10th anniversary in March 2014.

internet-businessBeing an Afghan initiative AMMC is dedicated to have the Leading Position in Afghanistan through commitment and hard-work for attaining and later sustaining its service reliability and developing a long-term sustainable relationship based on confidence with its employees and clientele.

The organization aims to practically train the youth in related fields of expertise (giving inputs in shape of knowledge and practical tips) and play its role in development of Afghanistan. We, at AMMC, target steady growth with stability so as to develop our organization to the level of an institution in the years to come.

With its indefatigable efforts in the last nine years, AMMC could now zealously claim to have worked with national and international reputable organizations and individuals in Afghanistan. It is more joyous for the management of AMMC that being related to numerous national and international organizations for a wide range of purposes, there had been no history of post-agreement litigations, arbitrations and mediations at our office.

AMMC Services

Development and Social Surveys
Need assessment and translate the needs of the people into short and long term plans in a prioritized manner.
Monitoring and Evaluation Studies
The M&E activities of the AMMC has three major objectives namely to check the veracity of claims by the implementing organizations.
Market and Business Studies
To develop a competitive business environment in a country, it is imperative to study the needs of businessmen…

Working culture values:

  • Human resources are considered as the major capital of the organization and are thus targeted for an ever-growing capacity building program.
  • We provide services through well defined and well coordinated systems
  • Our services shall be punctual enough to save “Time” of our clients
  • Our services shall be standardized through a quality control manual.
  • Our services shall be prepared to produce standardized results in fast-track project.