In 2007, in collaboration with ‘The Killid Group’ conducted a complete study on the activities of ALPN or PADCO in Badakhshan Province with special emphasize on the sponsored radio program called ‘Dar Rahe Khoshbakhti’.

In 2007 conducted tabulation and analysis for the data gathered by PADCO staff in Badakhshan. After the data gathering the staff of PADCO was having problems in drawing conclusion from the dataset, and thus AMMC supported them in getting the final results for their baseline study.

In 2008, in collaboration with “The Killid Group” evaluated the activities of APDN (Formerly known as ALPN)/PADCO in Badakhshan province and studied the impact of the radio program called ‘Dar RaheKhoshbakhti’ broadcasted by a local radio station called “Radio Aamo”.