Saba Media

In 2004, AMMC conducted a survey to assess Customer Needs in improving the quality of design, contents and printing of their Magazine by the name of “Saba Magazine”.

In 2005, conducted a survey for assessing the liking of people for various print and electronic media and major reasons for liking or disliking a Magazine, Radio station and TV channel.

In 2006 conducted 13 surveys (5 Kabul, 2 Mazar-sharif, 2 Kandahar, 2 Jalalabad and 2 Herat) for assessing the preferences of people regarding their Radio Station by the name of “Radio Nawa 103.1 FM” and comparison of Radio Nawa with other major competitors in various aspects.

nawaIn 2007 conducted 10 surveys for providing contents to the programs of Radio Nawa, which included survey on Health facilities, Situation of Mosques, Print Media and its problems and so on. In addition AMMC conducted three monitoring reports for Radio Nawa’s program ‘RaheKhoshbakhti” and also conducted a baseline and impact study for the said program in the Evaluation report at the closing of 2007. Moreover, a detailed socio-economic study of 5 districts of Uruzgan Province was conducted which served some useful data for the donors and NGOs to work in the area in a better way.

nethIn 2008 completed 4 monitoring reports of the Supporting the Stabilization Process Project (SSPP) in Uruzgan Province, funded by Netherlands Embassy in Kabul. Completed 8 reports on ‘Drug Awareness Raising Program’ of Radio Nawa with specific focus on the volatile Southern Region of Afghanistan (Kandahar, Helmand, Uruzgan, Ghazni, Nangarhar, Paktia, Farah and Nimroz), the project also had 4 monitoring reports. Moreover, AMMC completed 4 surveys namely, “Gender Based Violence”, “Customary Laws”, “Customs and Traditions” and “Reasons of Insecurity” in Uruzgan province.

sabaIn 2009, completed a research for the project, “Civic Education and awareness raising program (by Radio Nawa and Saba TV) on Formal and Informal Justice system in Afghanistan” funded by Canadian Embassy in Kabul. In addition a survey in Kabul, Kandahar, Herat, Mazar e Sharif and Jalalabad was conducted and findings were shared with the staff of SMO to develop various radio and TV based shows on the relevant issues. Two monitoring were also conducted for the said project in Kandahar province to evaluate the efficacy of the radio and TV programs in the province of Kandahar. Secondly an initial evaluation study was conducted for launching of TV transmission in Uruzgan by SMO. After launching of TV a survey was conducted to understand the dynamics of TV programs and its impact on the people of Uruzgan. In addition a Monitoring mission was completed in Tirinkot area of Uruzgan province to understand the impact of TV station on the people of Uruzgan and other activities completed by Saba TV in Uruzgan province. There is currently a survey under process for identifying new ideas for contents of TV and Radio programs in Uruzgan and Kabul province. Completed two Monitoring Missions to assess the affectivity of the project regarding awareness and advocacy regarding presidential elections in 2009 in Afghanistan. The project was funded by ‘National Endowment for Democracy” and the monitoring mission were completed in the cities of ‘Jalalabad’ and ‘Mazar-e-Sharif’.

In 2010, Completed two monitoring studies on studying the impact of transmission of Saba TV in Uruzgan province. In addition, conducted a “summative evaluation” at the end of a 2 years long project named “Civic Education and awareness raising programs on Formal and Informal Justice System in Afghanistan” and also conducted 4 surveys in Kabul, Kandahar and Uruzgan province to provide ideas for contents of media programs of Saba Media Organization. Then, a survey on the lives of “Drug Users” in Afghanistan was conducted for making programs on the menace of Drugs and lives of Drug Users in Afghanistan.

In 2011, AMMC designed and completed a profile and content survey for Saba TV in five provinces of Afghanistan; Helmand, Kandahar, Mazar-e-Sharif, Nangarhar, and Herat Provinces.

In 2012, AMMC conducted a study for Saba TV and Radio Nawa for knowing the exact profile of the listeners of Radio and viewers of TV in three provinces; Kabul, Balkh and Nangarhar The exercise aimed to inquire about the viewership/ listenership in a geographical perspective. In addition, the purpose was to prove scientifically the coverage area of its radio waves, listenership/viewership, peak hours, and opinion of its viewers/listeners regarding the TV and radio programs they like.