In 2007, in collaboration with Professor Dr. Martin Greely (IDS, UK) and Mr. Mohit Chaturvedi completed a project on impact of the Microfinance sector in Afghanistan, the study was conducted throughout Afghanistan.

In 2007, in collaboration with M-Cril India conducted a portfolio assessment of two major MFIs of Afghanistan viz. BRAC and ARMP

In 2008, completed a “Gender Mainstreaming and Impact study” in Afghanistan with special emphasize on Microfinance sector. The study is published electronically by MISFA on its website – publication section http://www.misfa.org.af
In 2008, in collaboration with EDA Rural Systems India worked on developing a “Social Performance Management and Reporting System” at two partner MFIs (BRAC and AFS) of MISFA.
In 2009, in collaboration with EDA Rural Systems, India worked on “Credit needs, Opportunities and Preferences of Micro-entrepreneurs in Kabul.” The report was completed in March 2010.