Monitoring and Evaluation

In modern times, the traditional way monitoring with negative eye of “blacklisting,” is replaced with participatory approaches of M&E with the sole purpose of improving the outcomes and impact of the projects.

The debate over the issue that whether the M&E shall be part of the internal system of implementing organizations or an independent activity is always won by the latter argument, as the donor agencies and local stakeholders have mostly opined for a free and independent M&E systems for development sector. The M&E activities of the AMMC has three major objectives namely to check the veracity of claims by the implementing organizations; provide feedback to the project implementers for improving the outcomes of the project; and to strengthen the legitimacy of the verification system by employing the proven techniques of M&E. AMMC has worked and are working on the following Monitoring and Evaluation Studies:

  • M&E of Agriculture and Livestock Projects
  • M&E of Health Related Projects
  • M&E of Solar Panels’ Distribution Projects
  • M&E of Legal Professionals’ Training
  • M&E of Media Projects
  • Media Monitoring
  • M&E of Awareness Rising Projects
  • Targeting Evaluations
  • Operational Evaluations
  • M&E Framework

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